UNITED POP ruched tube dres P3,200

Hers is the stuff showbiz gliterrati dreams are made of. An entertainment pedigree, porcelain skinned good looks – and now her own television show, Agua Bendita. Ratings and audience feedback prove how she is handling her dual characters with aplomb and talent.

AMBER tulle cocktail dress P4,500 with POSSIBILITY strappy heels P1,799

Beyond the klieg lights, ANDI EIGENMANN’s other passion lies in fashion. She even once set her sights on becoming a fashion journalist. Andi admitted that she used to go solely for imported brands until her friends introduced her to The Ramp Crossings. Upon learning of the offer, she even exclaimed, “That’s great cause I really shop at The Ramp – in real life!”

THE RAMP bleached backless denim dress P1,950

Known by fashion insiders as being very fashion-forward, The Ramp Crossings is a street-style shopping hub that features up and coming local young designers. Just like The Ramp Crossings’ shoppers, Andi lets her personality shine through her clothes.

WILDFLOWER sweetheart dress P1,495
The gamut of brands at The Ramp Crossings’ reflects global taste at affordable price tags. This allows Andi to keep up with the latest runway trends and be more fearless in experimenting. For when she’s feeling full of life and trendy, Faith Hope Love’s trendy and young pieces mirror just that. With parties and events galore, United Pop’s dresses readily answer her dilemma; while Amber’s long jersey and tulle dresses are her picks for more formal functions. Structured and streamlined pieces from The Ramp add a modern, fashyon touch to her outfits. For more carefree and funky days, Wildflower’s unique items draw her in. To complete her outfits and satisfy her shoe fetish – Andi grabs from Possibility – the in house shoe line of The Ramp Crossings.

From showiz to fashion – there’s no denying it –Andi Eigenmann is out to make splash.  

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